Ulises Legarreta

front end dev - Tijuana México

I am a front end developer with 10+ years experience working with private companies and public institutions to meet and exceed their goals.

I have overseen and developed responsive websites for a wide variety of clients ranging from telecommunication companies to local artists and creators. I am also experienced in many areas of web development and project management.

I believe that modern web design should be an intense collaboration between designers and developers, and this effort should be have the same underlining of creativity.

I'm bilingual (english/spanish).

Currently at ArkusNexus

Selected Work Experience

ArkusNexus - Dec 2020 - Present

Front-End Developer

Current responsibilities include :

  • Development and support of IVR systems
  • Automated testing of IVR features
  • Develop and maintain Angular components for the customer dashboard website
  • Develop and maintain React components for new features in customer support BOS

Nai México - Oct 2018 - nov 2019

Front-End Developer

Worked on the development of an Angular web app for the management and marketing of their real estate inventory and portfolio.

My work consisted of developing the Front End of their extensive web app that includes marketing tools and brokerage operations.

Skills : HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Angular 7, Heroku deployments, git

Sonata Services – Dic 2015/ Jun 2018

Front-End Developer

While at Sonata Services I worked on a variety of internal projects, both as a developer and as a manager for the Front-End team.

I developed a fully responsive website for Sonata based on illustrator mockups produced internally by our design team.

I also served as Leader for Sonata Academy -a training program, overseeing its schedule, organizing its training courses and teaching selected subjects.

My last project at Sonata was as product owner/frontEnd developer for a special product developed for the city of Tijuana, where I was in charge of managing the backlog, creating user stories, managing day to day tasks and meetings and planning sprints.

The project consisted of a mobile app, a web based administration panel developed on AngularJS, and its corresponding backend endpoints.

Skills : HTML5, CSS3, Foundation framework, php, wordpress plugins, plugin configuration, javascript, git

CECUT – Exhibitions Department – Jan 2015/May 2015

Freelance Front-End Developer

I developed a fully responsive custom wordpress theme working alongside their internal design department to produce not only the theme but also the documentation and training materials for the staff.

This project also required custom code to work along a plugin to handle custom fields as required by the client for their day to day content management.

Skills : HTML5, CSS3, Foundation framework, php, wordpress plugins, plugin configuration, javascript, git

Telnor – December 2007/Jan 2015

Front-End Developer

Working closely with the company's internal developers I helped create their online presence, a website that brings together their products and services, I also helped in the development of a set of internal use tools for customer support.

Skills : HTML5, CSS3, Foundation framework, php, javascript, joomla, liferay cms, Optimizely.

Fotografika Publicidad - 2008 - January 2015

In-house Front-End Developer

Fotografika Publicidad is a full-service agency with more than 20 years experience serving clients in both the public and private sectors.

  • Oversaw the development of web projects for clients as well as their implementation within their marketing strategies.
  • Colaborated closely with development & marketing teams to ensure proper creation of web content.
  • Served as consultant for clients helping to build solid foundations in the use of online tools to better meet their marketing goals.
  • Handled all the various admnistrative tasks of managing clients online presences, ranging from domain management to online ad campaigns.


  • HTML
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript, Angular
  • Experienced with Scrum / Agile methodologies
  • Wordpress
  • PhotoShop, Illustrator
  • git
  • Project Management